Allergy/Allergy Drops

We specialize in treating allergies at San Antonio Family Physicians. We offer a full range of Allergy testing options: Skin testing with up to 70 different inhaled antigens as well as in-house blood testing for both inhaled and food allergens. We offer cutting-edge treatment options as well including No-Shot, Under-the-Tongue Allergy Drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy). Dr. Bernstein has treated hundreds of patients off all ages using Allergy Drops as an effective alternative to Allergy Shots. This is particularly important for patients for whom drops are not appropriate (e.g. severe asthmatics, patients on Beta Blocker blood pressure medications pregnant women and infants over six months old), and in cases where seeing your doctor very frequently is not a good personal option. Studies also show that patients on shots do not maintain their physician’s planned course of therapy very well. Allergy drops are easily administered at home so there are fewer office visits. San Antonio Family Physicians is highly experienced in the use of Allergy Drops, having used them consistently since 2007 and is one of the premier medical practices in San Antonio specializing in their use.

Since starting the Allergy Drop program in 2009, my allergy symptoms have alleviated tremendously — I am now able to breathe with ease. I’ve regained my sense of smell. I no longer have that constant sinus headache pressure. I no longer have trouble sleeping. I no longer have to use a neti pot morning and night to irrigate my nasal passages. I am no longer taking other medications. This program has been a true blessing because it has significantly improved my life, my well-being, and my overall health. I am so very thankful to you and your staff.

– Faye Johnson, Patient

My family moved to San Antonio several years ago and have suffered from allergies every since, in addition to our asthma. Under your guidance, my three children and I started allergy drops 2 years ago. After a relatively short time, we noticed a major difference in our suffering, especially during peak oak and cedar months. Now, the number of sinus and other related infections and asthma symptoms have decreased to almost none. My children also no longer take any inhaled asthma medications due to the effect of these drops! We are so thankful as a family for the changes to our health due to your Allergy Drop program!